Programs and Services

Education & Outreach

RCC’s Education & Outreach Program brings knowledge and resources about sexual violence to the Dane County community, from teenagers to social work students to police officers.


Presentations and Trainings

Explore our many community education offerings to see which might be most appropriate for your group. Please call us at 608-251-5126 if you have any questions! Broadly, we offer the following categories:

  • Presentations to middle and high schools
  • Trainings for professionals who will encounter victims of sexual violence on a regular basis (such as law enforcement, medical and social work personnel, RAs, and more)
  • Custom education for groups who want their members to be educated (such as college courses, workplaces, communities of faith, sports teams, student organizations, and more)

Education Fees

With some exceptions, including presentations to middle and high schools, RCC education is priced at the following hourly rate:

  • $75/hour ($75 minimum)
  • $60/hour ($60 minimum) for nonprofits and government agencies
  • Additional charges may apply outside Dane County

We are committed to providing education wherever possible. If your organization does not have the funding for the rates specified above, please fill out our request form anyway. We will get back to you to discuss options.


Outreach & Community Presence

In addition to formal presentations, we regularly provide the following outreach services and community presences at no charge. Please fill out our presentation request form if you would like one of these services from RCC.


Representative on a Panel

RCC staff are a valuable addition to panels of speakers at conferences, speaking engagements, and movie screenings – any time sexual assault is a prominent topic, an RCC staff presence can contribute an advanced, educated understanding to the discussion.


Advocate/Emotional Support Person

If your event deals directly with sexual assault and there is concern that survivors in the audience might be triggered, you may request an advocate to be present for crisis support. Please note: This will require (1) promotion or public posting of our helpline number at your event and (2) a private space where an individual can receive support. If you aren’t sure whether your event might benefit from the presence of an advocate, please call 608-251-5126 to discuss with a staff member.


Informational Table

If you would like to offer RCC as a resource at your event, you may request a friendly RCC representative to distribute information about our services and answer questions about our agency. If you would like informational literature only (and not a representative), please call 608-251-5126 to make your request.


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

RCC proudly coordinates the Dane County community’s observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) each April. SAAM provides the opportunity to educate the community about sexual violence and encourages involvement. If you are interested in helping organize next year’s SAAM, please call RCC at 608-251-5126.