Programs and Services

Host a Class

Hosting a private Chimera class is a great way to get tailored, specific strategies that address the needs of your group! We come to workplaces, Girl Scout troops, sports teams, and more!



One instructor can teach a class of up to 30 people. (No minimum attendance!) Our rates are $150/hour per instructor ($100/hour for nonprofits and government agencies). If you do not have the budget for this, please call us anyway to discuss (and ask about our family discounts!).



We can accommodate a class of whatever length you like, from 1-12 hours. Most private classes settle on 2-4 hours, but sometimes people will book all 12!



Chimera does not have its own space, and generally we need requesters to secure their own locations. If you cannot find a space, let us know and we might have a few suggestions.