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Trigger Warning


Virtual Program


PictureMay 15, 2020 at 9pm ​A virtual reading

Proceeds from donations collected during this performance will go to Madison’s Rape Crisis Center. No tickets required!
Learn more about their work here. ​

If you feel triggered at any time during or after the performance, please call the Rape Crisis Center’s 24 hour helplines at 608-251-7273 (English) or 608-258-2567).


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Trigger warnings Trigger Warning

Virtual program Virtual Program

Written by Julia Brownell, Sam Chanse, Halley Feiffer, Sharon Kenny, Melissa Li, Sharyn Rothstein, Natasha Stoynoff, Bess Wohl, and Anna Ziegler

Based on the bravery of Rachel Crooks, Tasha Dixon, Jill Harth, Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, Natasha Stoynoff, and Karena Virginia


Following the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which then-presidential candidate Donald Trump bragged about women letting him “grab them by the pussy,” more than twenty brave women came forward with their own stories of Trump’s sexual misconduct, molestation and abuse. These women were reduced to statistics and sidelined by Trump’s election, but their voices echo now with each powerful man brought down by the #metoo movement.

Telling the stories of seven women who have come forward at great personal cost, in addition to one play about all of the women who have not come forward, The Pussy Grabber Plays is a tapestry of hurt and humor, disgust and courage, honesty and anger. Each play focuses on different aspects of the women’s stories and their experiences – from telling their families what happened to them, to deciding to come forward, to their questioning and confrontation of victimhood, sexism and power.

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Learn more about the original production here.

Featuring Kassy Coleman, Jamie England, Ana Gonzalez, Dan Jajewski, Erin McConnell, Dan Jajewski, Kate Mann, Nikko Murphy, Abby Nichols, Dana Pellebon, Bryanna Plaisir, Meghan Randolph, Hannah Ripp-Dieter, Amanda Rodriguez, Samantha Sostarich, Kathy Lynn Sliter, Sarah Streich, Carrie Sweet, Marcy Weiland, Jessica Jane Witham, and Sarah Whelan. Directed by Meghan Randolph.