Get Involved

Be a Voice


  1. Be an active bystander.
  2. Donate money or volunteer your time at a local Rape Crisis Center. Volunteer Opportunities. Donate Online. 
  3. Vote for candidates and support organizations who have anti-oppression platforms.
  4. Teach others about consent and sexual assault
  5. Advocate to change policies that oppress marginalized communities.
  6. Call out and discuss glorification of sexual violence in the media.
  7. Learn how to best support victims and survivors. Planned Parenthood- Supporting Loved Ones. Support Resources.
  8. Engage in your community’s Sexual Assault Awareness activities and fundraisers. #givingtuesday2020 RCC
  9. Create space for youth to engage in conversations about sex, sexuality and sexual violence.
  10. Support survivors. Believe victims.