Become a Member of the Governing Board of Directors

We are looking for people to serve on the RCC Board of Directors. We need a variety of skills and experiences, with diversity in race, gender, ability, religion and political affiliation.  We are committed to a diverse and inclusive board and highly encourage people of color, women and non-binary individuals, bilingual candidates and all individuals with marginalized identities to consider seeking a position on the board. Please email our executive director, Erin Thornley Parisi, if you are interested in learning more, at [email protected].


Board of Directors Position Description

Summary: Members of the Rape Crisis Center Board of Directors are responsible for setting policies of the Corporation. The Board of Directors shall have, and may exercise, any and all powers provided in the Articles of Incorporation or the Wisconsin Nonstock Corporation Law.


Commitment: Board members must attend at least 75% of Board meetings, participate on at least one standing committee, commit to raising funds to sustain RCC’s free services to victims/survivors of sexual assault and support RCC’s mission. Board meetings are held ten months per year. Committee meetings are held at a maximum of monthly and a minimum of quarterly, depending on the committee.


Election and Term: Board members are elected by the current Board of Directors. The term of a director is two (2) years and until her/his successor is duly elected. The number of successive terms held by an individual is limited to three (3). While serving on the Board, a voting Board member shall not be a Rape Crisis Center staff member or volunteer in another capacity.


Duties of the Board of Directors:

  • Participate in and make the ultimate decision in hiring the Executive Director.
  • Determine major personnel, organization, fiscal, and program policies.
  • Make final approval of budgets.
  • Approve expense contracts involving amounts or a value in excess of $10,000.
  • Perform all necessary legal acts.
  • Take action on committee recommendations.
  • Determine rules and procedures for the Board of Directors.
  • Elect officers to the Board of Directors.
  • Participate in agency fundraising and outreach activities.


Compensation:  Members of the Board of Directors are not paid compensation for their services to the Corporation.


Standing CommitteesAll Board members shall serve on a standing committee of the Board. All committees, other than the Executive Committee, must have a minimum of three (3) members. There may be staff members on each committee. There must be a minimum of one (1) Board member on each committee. Committee members may include Rape Crisis Center volunteers or community members not serving on the Board of Directors. Standing committees are:

  • Executive
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Board Recruitment