Programs and Services

Presentations to Schools

RCC educators reach thousands of students at middle and high schools every year. We offer several standard presentations, and are happy to accommodate special requests.


Standard Presentations

Changing the Culture

What is sexual assault? Who are perpetrators? Who are victims? Why is this such a problem… and what can we do about it? Contains statistics and definitions and includes discussions of consent and how to support a survivor.

45-60 minutes. Designed for high school and college audiences; adaptable for all.

Extended “Changing the Culture”

Includes all content listed above, plus segments about rape culture and bystander intervention.

60-90 minutes. Designed for high school and college audiences; adaptable for all.


Healthy Relationships

Defines healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors in a relationship; describes healthy boundaries. Students leave with tools to create equality in all their relationships.

45-60 minutes. Designed for middle school audiences; adaptable for high school.


Power Dynamics

An advanced presentation for classes that have already seen “Changing the Culture.” Defines power, explores how power dynamics contribute to sexual violence, and examines systems of oppression.

45-60 minutes. Designed for high school and college audiences; adaptable for all.


Extended Prevention Course

Please consider bringing us in for more than one session! Research confirms that multiples doses of content are necessary for retention and behavior change. While our presentations can be given as single sessions, they are designed to build off each other and will have a greater impact together.


Custom Presentations

If you would like a professional presence and/or perspective on sexual violence, please contact us to discuss what we might be able to do for you. Examples of custom presentations we have done include:

  • Facilitated discussion of sexual assault content in books like The Kite Runner, The House on Mango Street, or The Color Purple
  • “Gender Pronouns 101” presentation for special social justice events


Addressing Content Concerns

Many teachers have asked us for help in approaching this content with parents and/or administrators. Be assured that we know this content can be intense, and we always present it in a way that is sensitive to the presence of survivors in the room. Our presenters emphasize self-care and are careful to give teens options for disengaging with the presentation if their reactions become too intense.


We are also happy to work with schools to create a more intensive plan. Our youth counseling is available to all students ages 12-18, and our youth counselors are happy to come introduce themselves and/or speak to parents and administrators if that would be helpful. Please call our main office at 608-251-5126 with questions or concerns, and we will do our best to help. This is important information that students deserve to know.