Get Involved

Be a Voice

  1. Wear a teal ribbon during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April).
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
  3. Challenge violent images.
  4. Contribute to anti-violence organizations.
  5. Ask your school board to provide trainings to teachers on sexual harassment.
  6. Vote for political leaders who support the anti-sexual assault movement.
  7. Report suspected child abuse.
  8. Don’t fund sexism.
  9. Hold perpetrators accountable.
  10. Listen to survivors of sexual assault.
  11. Support feminists working to stop all forms of violence.
  12. Volunteer at a local Rape Crisis Center.
  13. Boycott movies depicting sexualized violence.
  14. Share your story with a friend.
  15. Listen to children.
  16. Plant a garden in honor of survivors.
  17. Participate in any of the SAAM activites
  18. Teach others about consent and sexual assault.
  19. Support survivors. Believe victims.