Mission & Vision

 Mission Statement

The Rape Crisis Center advocates for those harmed by sexual violence by centering survivors, promoting societal change, and committing to be an evolving force for social equity.


Vision Statement

RCC envisions our community free from sexual violence and all forms of oppression.


The Rape Crisis Center offers support and information for anyone who has experienced past or recent sexual assault.


What can I expect from the Rape Crisis Center?

  • Commitment to serving all survivors of sexual assault.
  • Belief that the single most important issue is your health and well-being.
  • Belief that emotional as well as physical healing after an assault is important.
  • Assistance with and information about the many options available to you, including how to access medical care and whether to contact police.
  • Respect for the uniqueness of every individual and an understanding that they know what is best for them.
  • Services for those additionally affected by the assault: the friends and family of the survivor.